Sunday, April 18, 2010

Create Range Name in Excel

Today I am sharing quickest way to create Range Name in Excel. Just 3 easy steps

1. Select the cell(s) you want to name
2. Type Range name in the name box
3. Press Enter

Create Range Name in Excel

The following is a list of syntax rules that you need to be aware of when you create and edit names.

Valid characters The first character of a name must be a letter, an underscore character (_), or a backslash (\). Remaining characters in the name can be letters, numbers, periods, and underscore characters.

Cell references disallowed Names cannot be the same as a cell reference, such as Z$100 or R1C1. Spaces are not valid Spaces are not allowed as part of a name. Use the underscore character (_) and period (.) as word separators, such as, Sales_Tax or First.Quarter.

Name length A name can contain up to 255 characters.

Case sensitivity Names can contain uppercase and lowercase letters. Excel does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters in names. For example, if you created the name Sales and then create another name called SALES in the same workbook, Excel prompts you to choose a unique name

Check out screen cast below to see it happening.
Create Range Name in Excel

Named ranges is part of defined names in excel. It is just not limited to a cell on the worksheet or range of cells, it can also be a constant or a formula in your workbook.

It has many uses in Excel, some of them are :-

1. Make your formulas much easier to understand.
2. Refer to dynamic ranges in excel by creating dynamic range names
3. Can be used in data validation based on contents on another worksheet
4. Can be used for conditional formatting based on contents on another worksheet.
5. These are best used in Excel Macros. It makes your macros more robust
6. Use them as constant value without referring to contents on your worksheet.

Will be covering some of the topics in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned to learn more uses of defined names in excel.


  1. You can also create lots of range names in one go with a keyboard shortcut if you've already typed in row and column headings in a table:

  2. Is it possible to use OFFSET, to use more then 1 range, hence multiple ranges? If not, what formula can you suggest? Sample workbook to edit

    For example a workbook with 3 spreadsheets:
    DATA1 (With name range 1).
    DATA2 (With name range 2).
    COMBINED (OFFSET formula combining all non-blank rows of DATA1 & DATA2, in that order).

    To elaborate:
    defined name range's per DATA1 spreadsheet is:
    This code expands down as many rows as there are Numeric and Text entries.

    Then to combine/merge all of the spreadsheets into 1 spreadsheet, copying row by row, of each DATA spreadsheets, TO EDIT :


    What is the right code to combine the 2 formulas above into a 1 cell formula?

  3. check out this tutorial - it was really helpful

  4. If you have already typed the headings for a row and a column in a table, you can also use a keyboard shortcut to create multiple range names at once. Named ranges are a component of defined names in Excel when we perform Project Management. It is simply not restricted to a cell on the worksheet or a scope of cells, it can likewise be a steady or a recipe in your exercise manual.