Saturday, July 24, 2010

Excel Macros : Send Email with VBA

The Code I am sharing with you today is capable of sending active sheet of your workbook through outlook mail to email ID specified by you. You will not get any warning messages and the email will be sent using outlook profile available on your machine.

This code saves active sheet to temp file and then email it to the recipient. Once the mail has been sent the temp file is deleted by the code.

You will need to copy this code to regular VBA module of your workbook

Sub EmailActiveSheetWithOutlook()

Dim oApp, oMail As Object, _
tWB, cWB As Workbook, _
FileName, FilePath As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

'Set email id here, it may be a range in case you have email id on your worksheet

Mailid = ""

'Write your email message body here , add more lines using & vbLf _ at the end of each line

Body = "Please find enclosed " & vbLf _
& vbLf _
& "Thanks & Regards"

'Copy Active Sheet and save it to a temporary file

Set cWB = ActiveWorkbook

Set tWB = ActiveWorkbook
FileName = "Temp.xls" 'You can define the name
FilePath = Environ("TEMP")

On Error Resume Next
Kill FilePath & "\" & FileName
On Error GoTo 0
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
tWB.SaveAs FileName:=FilePath & "\" & FileName, FileFormat:=56
Application.DisplayAlerts = True

'Sending email through outlook

Set oApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set oMail = oApp.CreateItem(0)
With oMail
.To = Mailid
.Subject = "Update Message Subject here"
.Body = Body
.Attachments.Add tWB.FullName
End With

'Delete the temporary file and restore screen updating

tWB.ChangeFileAccess Mode:=xlReadOnly
Kill tWB.FullName
tWB.Close SaveChanges:=False
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Set oMail = Nothing
Set oApp = Nothing

End Sub

Download file with VBA code to send active sheet through outlook


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  2. Please help me in counting the total no of common rows in excel vba

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  4. Hi Yogesh,

    I'm using a macro for sending an email with a workbook in my directory and the file name in an excel sheet. The extract of the code is:

    .To = EmailAddr
    .Cc = CRecipient
    .Subject = Subj
    .Body = Msg
    attach_file = "C:\directory" & cell.Offset(0, 10).Value & ".xlsx"
    .Attachments.Add attach_file

    The "cell.Offset(0, 10).Value" contains the file name in the excel sheet and I've to paste the file name in the sheet for attaching the file in the email. Is there a way I can make the macro read the file name by picking just a part of the file name and location of the file attach the file to the email?



  5. Thanks alot!!!
    It really works. Keep on going!

  6. This result of this post has given me much priase at work! thank you!
    What would the code be to copy all sheets into a new Workbook and email?

  7. Can you please tell me how to include multiple email ids for this macro. I want to send my active work sheet to multiple receipients.

  8. which part of the code can I delete to use it only to send attachments?

  9. hi yougesh,

    your scripts are very very useful. it saves lots of time. hats off to you.

  10. Hi Yougesh,

    This works like a charm on most PC's, but I have one user that will get an Outlook notification whether to allow or deny sending this email. Do you have any idea on how to get this suppressed or a workaround not to see this on some PC's (at the moment only one).

    Thanks in advance,
    Jesper Andersen

  11. I want to know, how to send mail from Zimbra account. Please let me know.

  12. How would I simply add more than one recipient's email address to send to?

  13. How would I simply add more than one recipient's email address to send to?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. This is great and efficient. Thank you! Is there a way to modify so that it prompts for the email address?

    Thanks again

  16. Hello Yogesh, You are Awesome !! I'm a Fan of yours !!

  17. What changes are required in this code to send to an email listed in Cell A1 in the excel sheet?

  18. Is there a way to trigger an auto email to go out once a certain amount hits a spreadsheet? For example, I'm tracking several items on inventory. Once they hit a specific number, the word "order" automatically populates. I'd like an email to automatically go to the person who would then place the order. Is that possible? Thank you!

  19. Is there a way to trigger an auto email to go out once a certain amount hits a spreadsheet? For example, I'm tracking several items on inventory. Once they hit a specific number, the word "order" automatically populates. I'd like an email to automatically go to the person who would then place the order. Is that possible? Thank you!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

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