Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pivot Tables : P&L reporting for Multi Location Organisation

I have recently started a series via guest posts on pointy haired dilbert famous excel blog also known as PHD or This blog is run by Chandoo a excel blogger and Microsoft excel MVP. Most of you must be knowing chandoo, those who do not know about him can know more about chandoo.

In this series we are covering on how to manage Profit and Loss (P&L) account reporting for Multi Location organization.
P&L Report using Pivot Table

During this series our aim is to learn how we can do our P&L reporting on various dimensions with few clicks.

We are using Pivot Tables for our reporting purpose and will setup P&L report of a Retails chain with multiple locations divided into various regions.

Topics coverted in this series are :

1. Data sheet structure for Preparing P&L using Pivot Tables
2. Preparing P&L Pivot Table using Data sheet
3. Adding Calculated Fields to Pivot Table P&L
4. Exploring Pivot Table P&L Reports
5. Preparing Quarterly and Half yearly P&L using grouping option
6. Budget V/s Actual report using Pivot

Do not think that series is only about the Profit and Loss Account. This series is also about PivotTables. We will cover many of PivotTable tricks during our series. I hope you will be able to use those tricks elsewhere also.

Follow this series on PHD, I am sure that at the end of this series you will be able to do your P&L reporting on various dimentions with just few clicks.

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