Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Excel Number Format : Telephone numbers with leading + sign

This is in continuation of my earlier post Custom Formating - Excel Number Format

Excel does not display the leading + sign entered by users, similarly the leading zeros are also not recoganised by excel. However custom formating trick can help you do this. Refer to the following table, where in Phone number 9971112814 has been formated differently to display different formats for the same cell contents.

91 is country code for India, you can change it to whatever code you want to display the number accordingly.

FormatDisplayed as
+91 0000000000+91 9971112814
0091 00000000000091 9971112814


  1. I have a large data base with telephone numbers, in a single column. I wish to add the number 1 to all the telephone numbers in the cells. When I record the steps, it copies the previous telephone.

  2. Your question is not entirely clear to me. Do you have the numbers formatted (using Cell Format) in any way? If so, what is the format? If not, are the numbers constructed as text with the formatting hard coded into your numbers? Also, you say you recorded the steps... does that mean you are looking for a VB solution to physically add the "1" in front of your existing number as opposed to displaying the "1" via a custom format in the manner Yogesh outlined in this article?

  3. Hey , Suppose there is a contact number 9999999999 and i want to add +91 before it ...how would you do that ? Plz reply soon! thnx

  4. hey

    if we want to type phone number eg:+91 1234567890

    Just type in this format '+91 1234567890

    1. Classic! When pasted it only shows number not apostrophe. Thanks!

  5. Hey , Suppose there is a contact number 9999999999 and i want to add +91 before it ...how would you do that ? Plz reply soon! thnx

  6. Hey Guys here is the solution: follow the steps
    1. Right Click on the Cell
    2. Select "Format Sells"
    3. Select "Custom" from left end
    4. Add + Sign in front of "Type" (you will see something like this in type section 0;[Red]0 add a + sing before it. Once you add + it should look like this +0;[Red]0 )

    Select all the cells and do same once you learned it.

    Cheers! hope it helped.

    @Mathew - Microsoft Certified Excel Professional

    1. i have contact number starts with +91........ so i ccopy it into excel bt it cant show + infront of 91..... when i save it or convert it into vcf... help me

  7. Hi, i have telephone numbers below... i would like to get the ranges calculated:

    and so on...

    if i would like to get the ranges for instance 111-111-0001 to 0100 in column B. What formula to be used. Please advise.

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  11. I entered a no in excel form by when I hit enter last 3 digits changed


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